Free Learning Materials

Mart 17, 2020 selen demir

This time of the year is challenging for all people. Some countries are in quarantine. Most people are staying at home and working from home.
So I want to share some resources I found useful. Mostly about coding. If you know other great resources leave a comment. Please stay safe, wash your hands thoroughly and take care of the elderly in your community.

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12 Amazing STEM Girls on Youtube

Eylül 11, 2019 selen demir

Hello everyone today I want to share with you 10 amazing stem related Youtuber 🙂 Seems like everyone really like stem girls series. It’s amazing to empower each other and be a part of the supporting community 🙂 Go and give love for this amazing Youtubers!!

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Interview with Bianca Vasquez

Ağustos 31, 2019 selen demir

Bianca is an amazing girl who attends at NASA’s program (NCAS) as an engineering student and founder of the Society of Women in Space Exploration. She is very inspiring. She is doing things with her way and yeey it is the pinkie way 🙂 She is beautiful, funny and strong women in STEM. I hope you enjoy the interview. At the end of the interview, you can find the links to reach her. Let’s dive into interview!

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