Do you ever feel like something so special? Something unexpectable, something mysterious.

We all live in same universe, same planet. Some of us live in same country, same city. But none of us don’t know what does it mean? What does life means? What includes in it? I’m not a religious person or I’m not a magician but I believe in that life has extraordinary things which means the meaning of life. There is no coincidence. I have my own way and you too. It means everyone has their own journey that waits to be discovered. Do you believe in true love? Do you believe in death or reborn of emotions? I do all of them. I also believe that we have a soul which is connected with ours. We are not a waste of time. There is an origin of everything and there is a pattern in the life. It’s like a kaleidescope that brings to us indeterminate with light but it will never be the same. Every one of us have our own universe with our past, present and the future. Everything is in the eyes. When you find someone who have been finding since the beginning of time, you feel his every cell in your every cell. Looking each other’s eyes is the key of the door of your soul. I know it sounds so spiritual but what if it’s completely spiritual? Nothing simply comes out. Have you ever feel like you’ve always known someone who never met before? I do know, life is so inexplicable. Mostly, we’re killing days, months and even years without knowing anything but something’s up around us and it’s not just about feeling. It’s about being connected with a soul completely with heart and brain for million years. Most of us don’t realize that or simply don’t care with time elapsing. Actually we don’t know that we have something special which is more precious than us. You can understand it if you look only the right pair of eyes. We see thousands of eyes everyday but just one pair is the key of our eyes, just one right pair, his and yours, can open up each other and touch each other’s souls. There are millions of books to read, millions of words to say but they’re not quarter of the things for us in life. You shouldn’t forget that the door is open maybe just a little bit but it’s still open. If you really wonder what is it behind the door, you should go and find it. I think souls are more attractive than the words if we can look in the eyes. You can rule the each other’s universe with the right souls but even the right souls can make a wrong decision but we did it right. Just let your heart go as what it is to find its truth. Mine is found that. Wild and free. Now our hearts full of love to eternity.
I actually have been thinking about future a lot lately. I just stare at the ceeling of my room in the dark and let all the thoughts eat me alive. I know it’s not healthy and it is very stressful but this is it. This is what keeps me awake at night. This is what makes me muse in the day. This is what I’ve always been afraid of. The future. I always think that I’m an idealist, I have a lot of contemplated plans, I know what I’m gonna do with my future. I’m not sure that all of these are completely true. I mean I have plans but I don’t exactly know what I should do with them. What if I can’t make any of these? What if all my plans stay as dreams? I’m sure about one thing that I have more fear than faith inside of me and they keep growing and hurting me. At first, I was afraid that I couldn’t become something important but now I’m afraid that I may be nothing. Change is inevitable. So I’ve been changing. Change is understandable. So I’ve been comprehensing. Change is good. So I’ve been embracing. But change is also ambiguous and I hate it. Sitting there and waiting something to happen kills me every time. I’m an activist not an expecter even if life gives me nothing to stay strong. Maybe just for once change is not for me that’s why this time I’ll change the change itself. This is exactly what I Origins is about. You can’t fool the time but you can change the change. I know it sounds weird at first but when you examine closely, you will see the truth behind this “life” phenomenon. So in the movie, Dr. Ian Grey (Michael Pitt) is a molecular biologist who is about to revolutionise the world entirely. His biggest obsession in his researches is the human eye. In the beginning, he takes baby steps on all of those biological researches but about this time he finds the true love (Sofi (Astrid Berges-Frisbey)) which plants the seeds of the world’s change because he thinks that there’s something different about Sofi’s eyes. Sofi does not only change his life, she also changes the fate of the world in the scientific terms. You may be confused this movie with a classical scince fiction movies but I can assure you that it is not a cliche. It’s safe to say the love that we are destined for leads us to the truth but it’s not an easy road to take. In this sense, the movie treats the subject emotionally raw, vulnerably honest and perfectly sincere. Nowadays if you are not sure about what the future brings you just like me, I highly recommend to watch this movie. Lastly I want to share my favorite lines from the movie;
“Ian: What’s your favorite flower?
Sofi: Dandelions.
Ian: Okay. Why?
Sofi: ‘Cause they are free, wild, and you
can’t buy them.”
So you should stop worrying about the future all the time, you should do something about the future now or never. Let the future get into you and set yourself free.



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