1) Can you guys tell us a little bit about yourselves

We are born in China and grew up in Montreal, Canada. We have graduated from McGill University, one with a degree in Math and Computer science and the other with a degree in Software Engineering.

2) How many programming languages do you guys know, which ones?

The first language that we’ve learned is Java with the first introductory class in computer science. We also use C/C++, Python, C#, MySql, etc. with various other projects.

3) Which programming language do you guys like the most?

We always find that to be a difficult question. It depends on what you are building and what you want to prioritize. Is it low level and speed? in that case C/C++. Is it mobile? java is awesome (unless its iOS haha). Is it for scripting or ML? Python then. Is it front end? Then maybe one of the trendy frameworks :p

4) What type of language do you prefer for writing complex algorithms?

Again, it depends on specific use of the algorithm, a language is simply a tool to build a project. If we simply want to lay out an idea, Python could be a good choice since it’s short and very readable. If the speed is important, then maybe go with C++. And if you don’t want to care about garbage collection, Java handles it for you.

5) Tell me about your guys greatest success in using logic to solve an engineering problem?

There is really no secret and no magic formula. Hard problems are always solved by breaking them into manageable pieces.

6) What strengths make you guys a good engineer?

The same qualities apply to every engineer. A strong logic sense, the curiosity to find more optimized solutions, and the ability to cooperate with team members.

7) How do you guys keep yourselves motivated?

We try to stay updated as much as we can with the current trends. It’s very motivating to see technologies we couldn’t imagine just a few years ago come to life and the benefits that they bring to people’s lives. It always makes us very excited to be a part of this industry.

8) Can you guys tell us a little about what you are doing in your job and which company you work for?

We both work as software engineers at respectively Microsoft and Google. On a daily basis, we build, debug and test software.

9)Where do you guys see yourself after ten years?

It’s really hard to say with how fast technologies are moving these days. Probably still working on something related to the technology industry.

10)Which path do you suggest to the younger engineers wants to be like you guys?

Build a solid foundation in computer science with either school courses or your self-learning abilities. You’ll find yourself able to learn anything with a strong base knowledge. Work hard and smart, and stay curious!

Thanks again for this oppurtunity to Ourbinarylife 🙂

You can find their instagram account here https://www.instagram.com/ourbinarylife/

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