1-Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Pili. I’m a digital product designer with 10+ years of experience. I’ve worked for interactive agencies and startups, even had my own design studio for a while. I’m currently working at an innovation lab as a Senior Product Designer where I design mobile ordering food apps and run the product design team.

I’m also passionate about coding. I have almost the same years of experience in HTML, CSS, and JS. I’m currently improving my JS skills, trying to go further than just using libraries and tweaking someone else’s code.

2-How many programming languages do you know, which ones?

PHP and JS. I also know HTML and CSS, but those are not actual programming languages.

3- Which programming language do you like the most?


4-What is your favorite compiler?

I do front-end mainly, so no compiler so far.

5- What is the main thing in coding business?

In my case, learned how to code for two main reasons; because it helps me design better products and it helps communicate better with developers and engineers. I ended up enjoying it a lot, and I also code for fun, but the main reason is that it helps me as a product designer.

6- Which study method do you prefer when you study coding?

The best of learning how to code is practicing. I also like handwrite my notes when I’m taking a course or learn something entirely new. It helps me remember things. Later, I copy those notes into Evernote, which allows me to study what I learned.

7- How do you keep yourself motivated?

I enjoy learning new things and building products. Designing and coding are how I stay creative.

8-Can you tell us a little about what you are doing in your job?

I design digital products for the food and hospitality industry. Our main products are mobile food ordering apps used in cafeterias in hospitals, schools, and office buildings. Our product design approach is user-centered, so we conduct UX research and user testing/analysis to make sure we are solving actual problems customers are facing. I also do some coding when required, but mainly small websites –we have a large development team, so they usually take care of all the coding work.

I also run one of the two product design teams, which aside from all the management tasks, my role is to provide mentorship and help them grow as designers.

9-Can you summarize yourself in 3 sentences?

I’m a very passionate designer who loves building things both for living and for fun. I love learning new things and playing with new ideas, both through design and coding. More importantly, i love understanding people and creating solutions to actual problems

10-Where do you see yourself after ten years?

Creating awesome products that help people excel as human beings!

Selen Demir Interview with Pilar Fernandez Davila

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