I think we all know what kind of place is the world we live in. If there’s a common sense on something, everyone avoids asking questions. No tolerance, no acceptance of difference. Every single person around expects us to be and think just like them. You can never be the black sheep in a sheep herd full of white sheep. That’s why we always live in fear and stuck in what ifs. We’ve been fighting with our real selves and the others. Everyone tries so hard on you to fall in line but it doesn’t last forever and you finally live your own breakthrough. Love, Simon is a movie which is adapted from the book called Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda and perfectly fits the description “breakthrough.” Because it’s about a world full of boys who sing about boys and girls who sing about girls. If I sketch it out a little bit more to have something on your mind about the movie, it’s a tragicomic coming out story of Simon Spier (Nick Robinson). Simon who has a perfectly normal life, awesome friends, and an understanding, cute family has a huge secret that he’s gay. He has been struggling with his secret gay life but he desperately needs to come out and live his life as who he truly is but, of course, it’s not that easy in a world like this. His best friends Leah (Katherine Langford), Nick (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) and Abby (Alexandra Shipp) don’t make his work easier even though they are perfect friends. On the other hand, his super understanding family also doesn’t exactly help him from his point of view. He exactly says these words his official coming out “announcing who you are to the world is pretty terrifying, because what if the world doesn’t like you?” These lines sum up perfectly what some of us deal with in our lives. I don’t want to give more information about the movie to be honest cause I really don’t want to break its spell but I can tell you that the movie has an absolutely amazing soundtrack featuring Troye Sivan, The 1975, Whitney Houston, Khalid & Normani and more. If you really want to know about real life struggles and if you can dare to see people who they really are, you should definitely watch it cause everyone deserves a great love story.



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